Terms & Conditions

i. Oaks Farm is a family home that became a wedding venue in 1999. As such the owners reserve the right to make alterations to the gardens, buildings and furnishings without notice to ensure that the evolution and popularity of the venue continues to be carefully and sympathetically nurtured and maintained.

ii. Although the “mechanics” of the day are managed by the experienced independent catering companies that operate at Oaks Farm we work closely together with them to create the perfect atmosphere for such a special occasion.

i. If you wish to book Oaks Farm please contact Tracey, Katie or John on 020 8654 6622 or events@oaksfarmweddings.co.uk for an appointment. Thereafter, if you wish to go ahead, we will pencil in your provisional booking if the date has not already been taken. We will ask you to complete a booking form which must be completed and returned to us together with the required deposit within 2 weeks of your provisional booking. If we do not receive the booking form and deposit within this 2 week period then the date will be released. If there is a good reason why you cannot meet this time limit then please let us know and we may be able to extend it.

ii. After booking, you are welcome to visit the venue again by appointment with other family members, friends, associates or contractors.

i. If you are planning to have your Civil Ceremony at Oaks Farm as well as the Reception, you will need to liaise with the Registrar regarding dates and times before confirming your booking at the venue.

ii. You must book your Ceremony through Croydon Registry Office by contacting them on 020 8726 6300 or marriageenquiries@croydon.gov.uk.

iii. Please bear in mind that, by law, you must book your Ceremony direct with the Registrar and that a booking at Oaks Farm does not imply a booking with the Registrar.

i. Deposit Payment: To confirm your booking you will need to pay a deposit equal to 25% of the venue cost.

ii. Payment 2: The second 25% instalment for the venue is due 12 months before your wedding date.

iii. Payment 3: The third 25% instalment for the venue is due 6 months before your wedding date.

iv. Payment 4: The final 25% instalment for the venue is due 2 months before your wedding date.

v. Payments can be made either by card or bank transfer when we have received your booking form. If you are making payment by bank transfer, please use the date of your wedding as the reference. Please note we do not accept cash.

vi. All payments are non-refundable.

vii. The deposit and balance payments will be applied solely towards the cost of hiring the venue and includes no other services or facilities.

NB. Please note that if Government restrictions are in place for any reason the maximum number of guests allowed may be reduced.

i. The total number of guests for the day must not exceed 100.

ii. The Stable Barn can accommodate up to 100 for a Civil Ceremony.

iii. The Victorian Barn can accommodate up to 100 for dining.

iv. The Orangery can accommodate up to 70 for dining.

v. The total number of guests for the evening party must not exceed 150.

i. If you hold any event at Oaks Farm you have to use one of the approved independent caterers featured in our brochure. You will need to arrange a separate contract with your chosen caterer and will need to contact them separately to discuss the catering for your event.

ii. Oaks Farm cannot guarantee availability of each caterer so it is best to ensure your preferred caterer is available for the date of your wedding before confirming your venue booking.

iii. All waiting staff and tableware is provided by the caterer, not by Oaks Farm.

iv. All food must be provided by your chosen caterer. The only food customers may supply themselves is one wedding cake.

i. All drinks consumed after your Ceremony and before your meal, and all drinks served at your dinner tables must be served by your chosen caterer. Guests may not serve themselves other than from wine bottles placed on the dinner tables.

ii. You are able to provide your own drink to consume before and during your meal. None of the caterers charge a corkage for this service.

iii. Once your meal has finished, your remaining drink will be stored away to pick up after the event.

iv. The independent Orchard Bar Company serves all evening drinks. It is not possible to provide any of your own drink after your main meal. Once the bar is open, only drinks purchased from the bar may be consumed.

v. There is a compulsory minimum bar spend of £500. Any underspend must be settled by the bride and groom. The Orchard Bar will require a bank card to hold throughout the evening to facilitate this possible settlement.

vi. Under local licensing laws the bar will close promptly at 11pm. Last orders will be taken at 10.45pm.

vii. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase or consume alcohol at the event. The Orchard Bar Company operates a “Check 25” policy. If anyone buying drinks looks under 25 they will be asked to prove that they are aged 18 or over. To avoid disappointment please ensure guests bring a recognised form of ID.

viii. Under the terms of The Licensing Act 2003, The Orchard Bar Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is excessively drunk abusive or threatening to staff or other customers and anyone purchasing alcoholic drinks for someone under the age of 18.

ix.The bar staff reserve the right to close the bar at any time if in their opinion troublesome behaviour has arisen or if customers are drinking beverages not purchased from The Orchard Bar.

x. The hirer must accept full responsibility for the conduct of their guests while using the evening bar and venue facilities and undertakes to indemnify The Orchard Bar Company against any financial loss arising from their misbehaviour or negligence.

xi. Bar prices are subject to alteration without notice, to reflect any price increase from suppliers.

xii. If you have any questions regarding The Orchard Bar Company then please contact Hayley on 07736 350 036 or info@theorchardbarcompany.co.uk

i. Orchard Cottage is situated in the heart of the garden at Oaks Farm and is available from 11am on the day of your wedding until 10am the following day.

ii. Breakfast will be provided for you by Glam Grazing Events Specialists. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

i. Oaks Farm provides all the furniture you require for your event and this is included in our price.

ii. We do not have storage space for additional furniture so you are not able to provide your own.

iii. If you do wish to have chair covers you do have to use our approved supplier of tailor-made covers: “Be Seated With Elegance”. You will need to arrange a separate contract with this company and can telephone to discuss your requirements with Charlotte on 07985 590 954.

i. All round music systems, ideal for background music, are provided in the Stable Barn and Victorian Barn.

ii. You will need to arrange for a guest to take responsibility for the management of the music that you provide.

iii. No amplified music is allowed outside of the venue buildings and acoustic instruments are only allowed outside up to 6pm.

iv. Live bands are not allowed inside or outside the venue.

v. DJs have to operate within a 90 decibel sound limiter. This restriction forms part of our Entertainment License specified by the local council.

vi. All music must finish by 11pm to comply with our Entertainment License.

vii. The venue is closed by 11.30pm and we ask that you ensure all guests leave the premises by midnight at the latest.

viii. Oaks Farm does not take responsibility for music equipment brought into the venue.

i. Please provide all guests and suppliers with clear directions to ensure that they access Oaks Farm from Oaks Road.

ii. Please note that most satellite navigation systems direct cars to the wrong entrance.

iii. Please use alternative postcode CR0 5HL.

i. You are welcome to visit Oaks Farm as many times as you need in order to plan your day. Please make an appointment for each visit.

ii. We recommend you book a full planning appointment with us 2-4 months before your wedding.

iii. Drink and decorations can be delivered to Oaks Farm at 10am the day before your wedding. We do not have space to store fresh flower arrangements or wedding cakes. All candles must be electric. Please provide clear instructions for any decorations you provide.

iv. No picture, photograph or other form of decoration may be affixed to the plaster or paintwork by any means and especially not by sellotape, bluetac, glue, adhesive or any kind of drawing pin, nail, etc.

v. If you plan to have decorations tied up high in the venue, such as bunting or greenery, you will need to send in a decorator for this to be installed on the morning of the wedding. They will need to provide their own ladder.

vi. Oaks Farm requests that the final table plan for your guests, a separate plan for us, together with your place cards (grouped by table) are delivered to the venue the day before the event. Please clearly mark on the working table plan where there are highchairs and where in the room each table should go.

vii. You will need to provide your caterer with a separate table plan clearly showing all dietary requirements some time before the event. Please make arrangement for this directly with your chosen caterer.

viii. The venue is accessible for you and your suppliers from 8am on your wedding day.

ix. The Orchard Cottage can be made available to you from midday on request.

x. Your contractors must remove all their property (e.g., DJ equipment, speakers, photograph booths, etc) from the premises by midnight.

xi. The day after your wedding your belongings need to be collected and taken away by midday.

i. Fireworks and Sky Lanterns are prohibited.

ii. No naked flames are allowed anywhere inside the venue.

iii. Sparklers are allowed outside only under strict supervision with a bucket for water or sand for the used ones.

iv. We do not allow bouncy castles or any other comparable inflatables.

v. Garden games are permissible - subject to them not being dangerous.

vi. Smoking is only allowed on the decking area outside the orangery where ashtrays are provided, and absolutely no smoking (including vaporisers) is allowed inside.

vii. Handheld confetti is allowed, but confetti bombs are not permitted due to the scale of the clear up!

viii. Illicit drug taking and/or any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited and if discovered will result in the immediate closure of the premises.

ix. Clients will be charged for damage by guests to the venue and its contents including destruction of garden plants.

x. Children must be supervised by responsible adults at all times.

xi. There is a pond at Oaks Farm with a safety grid. However, shallow water is still a hazard for small children and the grid is not designed to take the weight of an adult. You must make your guests aware of the hazards associated with the pond and the cost of repairing any damage to the grid caused by guests will be passed on to you.

i. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that Oaks Farm is not an Insurer and is not able to act as such.

ii. Consequently, Oaks Farm is not in a position to indemnify Clients who are therefore not entitled to refunds or compensation from Oaks Farm if their Ceremonies and/or Receptions have for any reason been cancelled, adapted, interrupted or postponed due to circumstances beyond Oaks Farm’s control. This includes all forms of “FORCE MAJEURE” and in particular any form of illness, disease, contagion, epidemic or pandemic of any nature whatsoever and likewise any form of loss, damage, contamination or toxicity, whether or not arising accidentally, negligently or deliberately due to an act or acts of malice or terrorism such as, but not exclusively confined to, the release or threat of release of any nuclear, biological or chemical hazard.

iii. Nor will Oaks Farm be responsible for the consequences of being unable to provide the contracted services due to the outbreak of hostilities (whether war be declared or not), act of terrorism, riot, civil disturbance, protest, intimidation, strike, lockout or industrial action of any kind, fire, theft, malicious damage, explosion, earthquake, flood, fog, snow, frost, ice, bad weather in all or any of its forms, failure of utilities (water, drainage and sewage, gas, electricity, telecommunications, WIFI and satellite systems), default of suppliers or subcontractors, failure of plant, machinery, equipment and vehicles etc.

iv. Nor will Oaks Farm be responsible for the consequences of being unable to provide the contracted services due to the intervention or restrictive requirement of any Government or other recognised Authority (including refusal, delay in obtaining or revocation of any license or consent).

v. Clients, their guests and all other visitors must safeguard their own belongings as Oaks Farm is not responsible for any such property (including wedding gifts) being lost or damaged and in particular, nothing of value should be left on the premises overnight.

vi. Clients must therefore make their own comprehensive insurance arrangements to protect themselves in respect of unexpected cancellation costs and also to assist them in their undertaking by this clause to indemnify Oaks Farm in respect of any loss, damage or liability caused to the venue, its contents or personnel not only by the Clients themselves but also their guests, associates, employees, contractors or agents for each of whose actions they agree to accept responsibility.

Notwithstanding the terms of Section 14 above, Oaks Farm will at all times, in consultation with its Clients, use its best endeavours to find a practical and equitable solution to any difficulties which might arise. In this context and entirely without prejudice to its legal position, Oaks Farm will in good faith seek to agree with its Clients whatever alternative options may be appropriate, especially in those circumstances where gatherings have been expressly prohibited by the British Government in respect of the date booked by the Client.

Oaks Farm Receptions Limited takes privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide our venue services as you have requested. We will store your contact details securely, will not use your information to contact you about other services we provide and we will not pass on any of your details to other companies or individuals.


We would highly recommend visiting Oaks Farm to soak up the atmosphere and to get a better idea of what we have to offer.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.