By booking your wedding with Oaks Farm, our bar service is automatically included for your evening party. The Orchard Bar Company offers a professional, friendly bar service and a comprehensive drinks menu, including bespoke cocktails, for your guests to enjoy.

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Featured in our menu below are the range of alcoholic and soft drinks, including cocktails and mocktails, to choose from at your Oaks Farm event.

Bar prices are subject to alteration without notice, as to reflect any price increase from suppliers. January 2022.


The Orchard Bar Company offers a variety of bar options, ensuring the best possible budget solution. We only accept car payments behind the bar. There is no minimum spend.

We have a secure card safe behind the bar and all we ask is that a card is placed behind our bar at the start of the evening and your tab is settled at the end of the night. We are really flexible with how the tab works. You could specify your guests to have any drink available or just wine and beer (a popular option is for any drink, except doubles and shots). The amount on the tab is up to you. For example, you might want to set a limit of £1000 and once this is reached the bar would revert to a cash bar (i.e., your guests pay for their own drinks) or you may choose to extend the tab depending on how generous you are feeling!

We are often asked if you can provide a drink for your evening guests on their arrival. We find the best way is to provide your evening guests with a token which they hand over to the bar and receive their drink. This enables us to distinguish between your day guests and evening guests. We would then set up a tab (to be settled at the end of the night). Again, we are flexible on which drinks you would like available for your guests.

As well as automatically providing the bar service for the evening of your wedding party, you also have the option of the bar being open during the day to open after the end of your ceremony. This is a great option if you are working to a tighter budget or would prefer not to have to purchase day-time drinks for your guests. There is a small charge of £120 for the bar to be open during the day, all we ask is that the drinks you provide as part of the arrangement with Oaks Farm are limited to one type of reception drink, table wines and for your toasts.

If you have any further questions or to find out about our tariff and licensing
please get in touch.

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We would highly recommend visiting Oaks Farm to soak up the atmosphere and to get a better idea of what we have to offer.

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