Please note that you can only provide your own drink for service before the end of dinner. All these drinks must be served by your caterer. It is not possible for you or your guests to help themselves. For the evening party the bar will open and all evening drinks must be bought from the bar.

It is important to understand that your caterer cannot offer a full bar service and, if the day time drinks are over complicated, it will slow down the service.

If you would like a full bar service during the day the The Orchard Bar can be opened early on request for a small fee.


You should offer your guests a choice of 2 alcoholic and 2 soft drinks for the pre-dinner reception

As a quantity to guide we suggest 3 glasses per person.

Popular receptions drinks are:
Pimms and lemonade(please provide fruit for your caterer)
Rum punch
Fruit juices
Fizzy drinks

It is best to stick with table wine for dinner. A jug of iced water will be provided for each table and your guests may ask their waitress if they would like another soft drink or beer that you have provided.

It is best to allow half a bottle of red or white wine per person (eg. 100 guests need 25 bottles of red and 25 bottles of white)

For the toast during speeches you need a glass of champagne or sparkling wine per person. A bottle of champagne will provide 6 glasses of champagne (eg. For 100 guests you would need 18 bottles.) It is important the caterers know when you will start speeches so they have time to pour your toast drinks before the speeches begin.

You may not provide any of your own drinks after the end of dinner. All drinks after dinner must be purchased from the bar. Any drink of yours left over at the end of dinner will be stored away and cannot be used in the evening.


We would highly recommend visiting Oaks Farm to soak up the atmosphere and to get a better idea of what we have to offer.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.